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Sales channels &


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Sales strategy & network

Navigating the competitive business landscape requires a strategic edge.

We begin by meticulously analyzing your current sales approach, identifying areas for enhancement. Crafting a tailor-made strategy, we focus on amplifying your revenue streams and optimizing your sales channels.

But that’s just the beginning. Our service goes beyond strategy. We provide you access to a dynamic and expansive network that spans retail, e-commerce, contract markets, and online marketplaces. This network isn’t just a static resource – it’s a living, breathing ecosystem of opportunities waiting to be explored.

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Sales channels & markets

Let us tailor a sales channel strategy that aligns with your design brand’s essence, ensuring optimal market penetration and sustained growth.

We analyze your brand’s identity, target audience, and product characteristics to strategically allocate resources. By prioritizing channels and markets, we maximize visibility and engagement where it matters most.


At GSD, we understand that each channel possesses unique strengths and appeals to distinct customer segments.

Online marketplaces
Offer vast reach, tapping into a global customer base.

Provide a personalized shopping experience, building direct relationships.

Add credibility and physical presence, appealing to traditional shoppers.

The contract market
Offers B2B opportunities, expanding your brand’s influence.


Easy on-boarding

Take advantage of our adeptly negotiated agreements, streamlining the process to integrate your brand onto a variety of marketplaces. This encompasses well-known platforms like Zalando, Boost, Avocadostore, Otto, About You, and many more, facilitating a smooth expansion of your brand’s visibility.


Our joined wholesale marketplace GSDmarket connects you with retailers and marketplaces across Europe.

Discover the future of wholesaling with GSDmarket. Our joined wholesale platform is a gateway to a dynamic marketplace where design and consumer brands seamlessly connect with retailers and webshops across Europe. Experience streamlined transactions, expanded reach, and unparalleled exposure. 

Joined fairs & exhibitions

Experience the power of presence with GSD. Step into the spotlight with our joined fairs and exhibitions.

We offer a unique platform for design and consumer brands to shine at prominent events across Europe. Elevate your brand’s visibility as we connect you with a captivated audience of retailers, buyers, and enthusiasts. Unveil your creations, forge meaningful connections, and ignite new opportunities.